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About Heidi McCurdy

Heidi McCurdy


Hi! I’m Heidi McCurdy. I am a singer, songwriter, sound healing artist and Expressive Arts Therapist. I perform professionally as a singer and songwriter (I call my style Global Jazz Soul), and have toured Canada and Europe with various bands. I love to write songs, poems, stories and inspirational articles. For my own personal growth and wellness, I practice expressive art and dance.

As a Certified Expressive Arts Therapist and Educator, I also love to help others to live joyfully and creatively through singing, music and expressive arts.

For over twenty-five years I have been a devoted student, researcher and facilitator of the creative process. In 2009, I founded Harmony Expressive Arts as a way to share my passions with the community in a bigger way. Now, I am so thankful for the many people I get to sing, dance and create with each week.

Growing up, I was incredibly shy. I felt like my voice was powerless and stuck inside.

I was the girl in the back of the drama class, waiting until the very last second to jump up and take a turn. I was the one who dreamed of singing, but thought it was the scariest, most impossible thing in the world. I wanted to write, but I didn’t think I had anything important to say. And I wanted to do so many different creative things that I found it impossible to choose.

Through my early adult years, a few key things helped me ‘find my voice’ and gain confidence in expressing myself:

  • Finding a group of trusted musician friends that I could jam, write and experiment with.
  • Discovering Vocal Improvisation through the work of Rhiannon and Laurel Murphy.
  • Realizing through a Guided Studies course at UBC with my mentor Peter Loeffler, that creativity is a thing unto itself, and can be channeled into different directions or art forms.
  • Becoming a mother, and reconnecting with the wonder and magic of life through my daughter’s eyes.
  • Immersing myself in the study of Creative Writing and Theatre at UBC.
  • Learning about Life Coaching, and how we can use the power of the mind to shape our reality and our experience of life.
  • Developing my voice through lessons, books and recorded resources.

Sometimes you just need the right kind of support and encouragement to break through your blocks of creativity and self-expression. I invite you to browse my offerings and see what calls to your creative soul.

Along my journey, I have gained a variety of credentials:

  • BFA Creative Writing
  • Orton-Gillingham Therapeutic Tutor
  • Integration Specialist (Learning Through the Arts – Level 1 Certified)
  • Solution-Focused Life Coach
  • Registered Music Together Teacher
  • Early Childhood Music Specialist (Music Together) – Additional Certification Level 1
  • Certified Expressive Arts Therapist
  • Currently a Masters Student in the Arts Education program at SFU

I have also done training in:

  • Play and Music Therapy
  • Vocal Improvisation (Rhiannon’s “Vocal River” approach)
  • Classical, contemporary and therapeutic vocal technique
  • Music For People Facilitation
  • Sound healing and global sound traditions for wellness and vocal freedom