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I am available to work with schools as an interdisciplinary Artist In Residence, Expressive Arts Facilitator, Therapist and/or Arts Integration Specialist.

School Program Examples:

  • Creative U (Surrey School District) – I co-developed the pilot for this program in 2014 for students who have cognitive disabilities, to provide fun opportunities for creative self-expression and social interaction.
  • Songweaving – Students collaborate with me to create and present circle songs (vocal looping and instruments) from personal poetry around meaningful topics.
  • Enchanted Word – Students transform the school into a magical forest through poems, artwork, songs & stories.

Artist In Residence Grants are available through ArtStarts in Schools.

A Creative Heart


I’m also available to work with homeschool learners, with and without special needs, to stimulate and encourage imagination and enrich curriculum through the arts.

We work together to customize a dynamic program based on your child’s interests and educational or therapeutic goals.

Programs may include music, art, writing and/or drama.

Contact me to discuss any of these programs

Arts Mural

Watch how meditation rather than detention has helped in Baltimore schools.

If you’re interested, I can help you set up a meditation program in your school or home using my singing meditation techniques