Unleash your creativity & express your authentic self!
In Expressive Arts sessions, we use music, art, drama, dance and/or poetry to express ourselves and foster wellbeing. We explore our innate creativity as a source of deep wisdom, playfulness, healing and self-discovery. Open-ended art forms inspire imagination and a positive sense of self. Activities are self-directed and process-oriented rather than product-oriented, so there is no “right way,” and no experience is required.
Child with Heart-shaped Stone
Sessions can often be profoundly joyous and transformative at the same time.

Through Expressive Arts, I can help you or your child to:
– free creativity & awaken imagination
– release stress & process emotions
– explore healthy play & authentic self-expression
– experience the wonder of the world through the senses
– increase self-esteem & build resilience
– communicate non-verbally
– connect with deep inner wisdom

We can also:
– enrich educational curriculum
– work on empathy & social skills
– develop a vision for your life & inspire your dreams

Singing Bowl
My clients are adults, children with and without special needs, school districts, women’s and girl’s groups, and community organizations. I will customize a flexible program for you, your child or your group based on your interests and educational or therapeutic goals.

Sessions may include:  

  • Music (singing, drumming, instruments, singing bowls, songwriting, dance)
  • Visual Arts (drawing, painting, collage, clay)
  • Drama (storytelling, masks, puppets)
  • Creative Writing (poetry, journaling)
  • Sand Tray
  • Intentional/Visionary Arts
  • Mindfulness
Paints & Brush
I work with organizations such as: the Surrey School District (Creative U Program), Self-Design For Therapy, Anchor Academy, Sarah McLachlan School of Music, Learning Through the Arts (RCM), Sources Women’s Place, Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society, and Alexandra Neighbourhood House.

Private EXA Sessions (1-2 people) / Holistic Singing Lessons 
Sliding scale $95 – $150 per hour.

Semi-private or Small Group:  per person rate dependent on number of participants

Contact me for more information or to book your sessions